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Kids learn how to act, improvise, and work in front of a camera as  part of a small group, giving them the opportunity to work together to put on a fashion show. Our activities encourage co-operation and show kids what it’s like to work as a team.

Your child will:

  • Learn to move in front of the camera
  • Learn choreography skills
  • Learn how to act with a range of emotions
  • Get the opportunity to learn how to make a commercial
  • Build lasting audition skills

The audition and acting skills children learn with our expert instructors and acting classes encourage creativity and self-expression while giving them a solid basis in public speaking and movement. In addition, children will learn to walk and stand tall with poise and posture through interactive games and activities.

At the end of each program, participating kids get to put on a fashion show for their families (featuring outfits they have chosen themselves) and get to participate in a photoshoot, allowing you to share the memories for years to come. Kids get to work with our professional in-house photographer to get stunning, fun photos that are guaranteed to please. This is a way for kids to demonstrate and share what they’ve learned, allowing them to build self-esteem and confidence.

    Each date includes 5 classes at our location at 320 Catherine Street, as well as a fashion show and professional photo shoot. Space is limited, so register early to guarantee your child has a spot!

    Recommend for kids 4 to 9 years old  

    The cost of registration is $350 per child, plus applicable taxes.

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