Bella Reyes

Union Status:

Non - Union


Heathers - Heather McNamara - Colonel By Secondary School

Into the Woods - Cinderella - Stagecraft Theatre

Fame Jr. - Serena Katz - Stagecraft Theatre

Sweeney Todd - Ensemble - Stagecraft Theatre



On-Camera Coaching - Judah Katz

Dynamic Scene Workshop - Chris Ralph - Orpheus Theatre

Foundations of Acting (Monologue and Scene Study) - Terence Bowman - MSOPA

On Camera Audition Workshop - MANN Casting

Acting Workshop (Voice, Text and Character) - Mark MacDonald - AIM Talent


Physical Attributes:

Height: 5'8" ft., Weight:  lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes


Bowling; Canoeing; Cycling; Equestrian - general, english, show jumping; Hula Hoop; Jump Rope; Ice Skating; Pogo Stick; Running - general, long distance, sprint; Snorkelling; Trampoline; Water Skiing; Volleyball; Yoga; Swimming - general; Soccer; Snow Skiing - general, cross country, downhill


Dance - ballet; Improvisation; Modeling; Teleprompter; Ukulele; Singer; Vocal Range - Soprano, mezzo soprano; Vocal Style - belt, legit;


Canadian Accent; Quebecois Accent