Sean Dwyer


Union Status:

Non - Union

Film/Television Credits: 

Shadowlands  - Lead  - Border2Border Entertainment

Broke and Famous - Supporting  -  Our House Media Productions

Collision Course  - Lead - CC2 Television

Water does Wonders - Lead-Host - Healthy Kids Niagara-Fourgrounds media

Super Squad - Lead - City Kidz-RealBold productions

Helltown - Lead - Discovery Channel

The Quick and Dirty - Lead - Suede Productions

Exorcism of the Dead - Lead - Survival Zombie Films

Hostage for a Day - Supporting - John Candy Productions

One Last Thing  - Lead - Gogo Films

Ronan - Lead - Akil Films

The Elevated Margarita - Lead - Lao Films

Linda Vista Hospital - Lead - Xia Films


Master Class - Dustin Hoffman - Web-based class

Acting from your Essence - Carl Weathers - Vidiots, Santa Monica

Stunts/Weapons/Fighting - Stuart Wilson - Bruce Willis' stunt double, Los Angeles

Stage Fighting - Eric Buchanan - Rapier Wit, Toronto

Character/Preparation - Kim Farrant - Australian Director of Award-Winning Films

Personalization - Marilyn McIntyre - Howard Fine Acting School, Los Angeles

Film Industry Orientation - Langara College - Industry Practices and Requirements

Film Studies with Honours - Brock University - Art and Message of Cinema

Cinema and TV Production - Institut Grasset - Skill and Technique of Cinema

Law School/Master's - Ottawa/Montreal - Memory, Improv, Confidence

Physical Attributes:

Height: 5'3" ft., Light Brown Hair, Blue/Green Eyes


Public Speaking, Gardening, Meditation


Bicycle, Hiking, Yoga, Swimming, Running


British, Irish, Scottish, French, Spanish, Japanese


Basic fighting Choreography, Lifeguard, Japanese