Stevie Silver

Union Status:

Non - Union

Film/Television Credits:

Back to School Ad - Model -

The people across the Street - Actor - CAPSA

PSA - Monologue Actor - CAPSA

Break away from the pack workshop - Participant - Brian Levy

54 - Core Dancer - Miramax

Half Baked - Stunts/Dancer - Universal

Physical Attributes:

Height: 5'8" ft., Weight: 125 lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes


Billiards/Pool Player; Bowling; Baseball; Basketball; Cycling; Canoeing; Fly Fishing; Fishing; Equestrian - Western; Frisbee; Jump Rope; Rappelling; Snorkelling; Shooting - automatic/revolver; Sky Diving; Softball; Yoga; Volleyball; Weightlifting; Swimming - general, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke; Snow Skiing - general, downhill; 


Dancer; Singer; Voiceover; 



Licensed Driver